Most Popular Golf Courses in the USA

Most Popular Golf Courses in the USA

Everybody knows that golf is an exclusive sport, dedicated to those people who belong to the high-life category. Moreover, golf will help you discover some of the best places in the USA which is the unofficial homeland of this sport. Keep on reading if you want to find out more about the most popular golf course in the USA.

The Spyglass Hill golf course

The Spyglass Hill is an amazing golf course which features two different types of terrain. On both of these terrains, the holes look at different ways. Located in California, this golf course has 18 holes with different names. As such, if you choose to play golf on Spyglass Hill, you can find the ”Black Dog” and the ”Billy Bones” which are only a few holes named after the characters of Robert Stevenson from his classic novel, Treasure Island. In fact, you will find 13 holes which are placed near some huge pines with elevated greens and 5 holes hidden in the sandy seaside dunes.

Del Monte golf course

Del Monte is the oldest golf course in America. Del Monte golf course is a real challenge for every golf player because it has some wide fairways lined with oak, cypress and pine trees vegetation where the 18 holes are strategically placed.

The Pebble Beach

If you want to walk in the footsteps of golf’s greatest names, you can become part of the amazing experience that is Pebble Beach. Whether you are a newbie in this sport or you are an experienced golfer, you should know that Pebble Beach is one of the greatest golf course in California, USA. Due to its cliffside fairways, nice hotels, and wide-open vistas, Pebble Beach has become a real challenge for every golf player. Since 1919, people who love playing golf have dreamed of playing on Pebble Beach which was rated as the greatest golf course in the USA for 13 consecutive years. In fact, you must know that Pebble Beach is a resort which includes other golf courses such as Spyglass Hill, Links at Spanish Bay and Del Monte golf course.

Links at Spanish Bay

Spanish Bay golf course inspires every player with the beauty of its Scottish concept. The Links at Spanish Bay has wide fairways situated near the sea with ever-prevailing wind and bristly grasses. Moreover, this golf course provides you with a choice of playing your regular shot, because the turf is firm and allows you to have a good play.

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