How to Choose Your Golf Clubs

How to Choose Your Golf Clubs

Choosing the golf club you will be playing with is not an easy task, especially with all the models available out there. You could get confused by all the materials, combinations, sizes, and brands, and finding the one that best suits your playing style could be hard. This is why we thought it would be helpful to show you some simple ways to choose your golf clubs.

Pick the right size that matches your height

Golf clubs come in a wide range of lengths and you need to keep that in mind when you choose your club. It would be uncomfortable to hit with a long club if you are short the same way it would be hard to bend over to handle a short club if you are a tall person. Therefore, pay attention to the club’s length and try it before buying it. The size of the club will influence the speed, the swing, and the impact of your shot.

Decide between clubheads made of titanium, steel, or both

Clubs with a titanium clubhead are more expensive than the ones with a steel head because they are lighter and offer an increased level of comfort during the game. Both materials are very durable and strong but titanium is lighter so the clubhead can be larger without adding weight to the club, meaning you will enjoy a bigger hit surface that will keep you from missing a shot. If you choose a golf club with a clubhead made of titanium and steel, your game will improve with each hit.

Opt for shafts made of graphite or steel

As in the clubheads, the material of the shafts determines the comfort in use and the accuracy of the golf club. Graphite shafts are lighter so the swing resulted will have more speed which will increase the distance of the ball. This can help even the most amateur player achieve the best shots on long distances. However, graphite is more expensive so you will need to reconsider your budget if you opt for it. If you are a better player accustomed to golf and you want to limit your investment, opt for the steel shafts that don’t offer as much speed but help you achieve an accurate hit.

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