How a Golf Course is Maintained Throughout the Year

How a Golf Course is Maintained Throughout the Year

Golf courses must definitely be maintained properly, so that the golfers can play a good game, without any sort of unpleasant situations. For further information regarding this aspect, here is how a golf course is maintained throughout the year.

Aeration plays a very important role

This procedure will improve the soil mixture, will relieve soil compaction, and it will also reduce and even prevent the accumulation excess thatch. Aeration definitely plays a very important role and it must be done properly. The condition of the green actually depends on what it is happening below the surface. Good roots will certainly demand oxygen, and due to the traffic from golfers’ feet, the soil can be compacted under the putting green. If the soil becomes compacted, then the roots will be left gasping for air. Without the necessary oxygen, the grass will become weaker and it will die. Therefore, it is essential to aerate the soil very well, in order to have a healthy green, and it is recommended to do this twice a year, in the early winter and spring as well.

A riding lawn mower is absolutely necessary

When it comes to golf courses, you obviously need to cut the grass frequently, and also very well. It needs to be evenly and perfectly cut so that the golfers don’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to their shots. A quality riding lawn mower is highly recommended. A machine like this is very easy to maneuver, and it will certainly do a wonderful job. Furthermore, the whole job will be finished in a short period of time. Keep in mind that cutting the grass is the most important details to take into account, when it comes to golf courses. Cutting the grass needs to be done throughout the year, regularly.

It is essential to water the soil properly

This is an essential thing to do as well. The green needs to look fresh and stay healthy as well. This will obviously not happen if it is not maintained properly. In the summer it is very important to be watered more often, due to the high temperatures that are in that period. Once a day, or even twice in some cases would be perfect. In the spring, it is highly recommended to water it once every 2 or 3 days, and in the autumn, once a week. It will not be necessary to water the green in the wintertime, unless there is not snow at all, and even so, once every two or three weeks would be enough.

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