Golf Apparel Guidelines

Golf Apparel Guidelines

When you play golf on a golf course, you must know that there are some apparel guidelines you need to follow so you will be an adequate presence that will not disturb the other players. Both men and women need to follow some strict clothing rules so they will be able to keep playing on that golf course. It’s always a good idea to check the golf apparel guidelines before starting a game in order to avoid any unpleasantness.

Golf shirts

In most cases, the golf shirt needs to have a collar with a v-neck made of cotton, polyester, or microfiber but some golf courses allow even the turtleneck shirts. In terms of colors and prints, the rules are more permissive and golf players can enjoy bright colors or striped patterns. Women shirts vary in styles but they keep the same decency limit that keeps women from looking vulgar and inappropriate.

Golf pants and skirts

Usually, golf players wear long pants in a variety of patterns and colors, with plaids being the most popular model. During the warm season, both men and women can wear knee-length pants but without cuts, applications, or cuffs that could collect dirt. Jeans are not allowed on the golf course, as well as tight running pants or basketball shorts. Women can also wear skirts and dresses at a reasonable length that allows them to bend and swing without causing embarrassing moments.

Golf shoes

The footwear that is accepted during a golf game should be comfortable, safe to wear, and appropriate for the type of golf course the game takes place on. Golf shoes need to provide balance during a swing and traction while walking which is why most shoe models include sole spikes made of rubber or plastic and sometimes metal. Running shoes and sneakers are not allowed on every golf course and neither are sandals and street shoes. An important detail regarding golf shoes are the socks that maintain the golfer’s feet dry and comfortable. Most players choose ankle-length socks but others prefer the traditional length. The main criteria in choosing the socks is to complement the rest of their outfit.

Golf hats

Some golfers choose to wear hats to protect their head from the sun and to increase their visibility and although there isn’t a particular dress code that specifies this, the hats include visors and baseball hats. You can also opt for what is called the Ben Hogan cap or the newsboy cap and you need to stay away from street hats, fedora hats, or cowboy hats.

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