Best Fitness Exercises for Golf Players

Even if golf is not a sport that physically challenges you very much, you still need to go for some workouts that will help you stay fit at all times, and have lots of energy on the course. Therefore, you could take your inspiration from the following best fitness exercises for golf players.

Exercise with a treadmill

The treadmill will definitely do miracles. It will help you tone very well your legs, and be a more energetic person. This means that you will not feel tired if you stand or if you walk on the golf course, for a long period of time. You will concentrate a lot better on your shots and also keep your balance, and therefore, play a better game. It is highly recommended to go for an easy workout at the beginning, and once you get used to the treadmill, you can go for a more intense workout. Start with a half an hour jogging every morning and every evening, and then continue with one hour a day with an intense running. There are plenty of benefits that running provide, and as a golfer, it is highly recommended to go for this type of workout, in order to be in shape on the course and obtain amazing results.

Stay fit using the rowing machine

This is without a doubt one of the best fitness exercises for golf players. Walking on the golf course and carrying your equipment can make you feel exhausted and without energy. This can certainly affect your game, which is actually what you must avoid. Therefore, if you want to stay fit and give your best on the golf course, make sure you exercise regularly using the rowing machine. This is one of those fitness units that can help you gain muscle mass extremely fast. Moreover, not only a certain part of your body will tone, but all of it, which is absolutely amazing. Staying fit at all times means that you will considerably improve your game. Before you actually go for this type of workout, it is highly recommended to talk to a fitness trainer, in order to see if your health allows you to use a device like this, which is without a doubt quite challenging.

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The Best Wearable Golf Gadgets that Improve Your Game

Golf players can enjoy the efficiency and functionality of many golf gadgets designed to improve their game. From devices that aid them in measuring distances to the most advanced golf equipment that guarantees the best shots, every item has been designed to make golf smoother and more entertaining. Let’s have a look at the best wearable golf gadgets that can help you improve your game like they have helped other players.

The golf watch rangefinder measures the exact distance to the target

When it comes to golf gadgets, the rangefinder is a classic that has suffered some improvements that made it one of the most innovative of all golf equipment. The rangefinder watch incorporates the latest technologies that enable it to measure the distance to the target with such accuracy that you simply can’t miss the shot. Bushnell Neo Plus is a stylish watch rangefinder that offers an outstanding precision and the best features that ease your golf game. It can measure distances from any angle and also offers the standard functions of a watch.

The golf swing analyzer corrects your swing posture

If you are having troubles with your golf swing, the solution is the golf swing analyzer that uses multiple sensors to observe and record your swing so you can look at it and correct your mistakes. Zepp Golf 3D 2 is the ultimate hack in terms of wearable golf swing analyzers that attaches to your glove and monitors your hip movements, your tempo, your clubhead speed, and more. All the data it collects is sent to a smartphone app so you can view it later and see what you are doing wrong.

The performance tracking system perfects and simplifies your game

A golf tracking system keeps tabs on your overall performance on the golf course and records every shot so you will be able to watch them later and see what is ruining your game. Across Golf features 14 sensors that you can attach to your golf club, shirt, or shoes and they will monitor your movements while recording and saving the images captured. This way, you can get a clear view of the course and you will make the best decisions.

The fitness tracker adapts to your golf game

If the fitness tracker was used solely for fitness activities, the latest generations can now adapt to the needs of every sport you practice. Microsoft Band 2 is both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch and it will turn out to be very useful during your golf game. It boasts a bunch of sensors that monitor your health while paying attention to your golf style. The Band 2 lets you keep a score and can even tell between a practice swing and a game shot. The built-in GPS can even detect the hole you are playing and tells you the distance to it so it also works as a rangefinder.

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How to Choose the Right Golf Equipment

When you are on the golf course, the equipment plays a very important role. If you invest in a quality one, then your results will certainly be absolutely fantastic. Otherwise, you risk to not obtain such wonderful results. Therefore, here is how to choose the right golf equipment, in order to play a great game.

Choose the right clubs and balls for you

When it comes to the clubs and balls, you need to make sure you choose the right ones for you. For example, there is no point to invest in some new and quality or balls, if you are a beginner. You should go instead for some second-hand items that will still do a great job. Furthermore, do not buy too many, just go for 2 or maximum three models. On the other hand, if you’ve been playing golf for a very long period of time, then you might consider some brand new items. A large range of models is available on the market these days, to choose from.

Go for some devices that will help you improve your game

Any serious golfer us own at least one clever device that will help him play a better game. Therefore, you should not omit to purchase a device like this either. For improving your game, go for a rangefinder. It is recommended to go for a laser model rather than a GPS one, due to the fact that it is more accurate, and accuracy is the main feature you need when it comes to a unit like this. You could also go for a swing analyzer in order to improve your swing. These clever devices will be very useful, and you will certainly fall in love with them.

Get a quality equipment bag

You should not forget about the equipment bag, which must definitely be quality. You need to have plenty of space for all your things, and it also needs to be very well organized so that you can easily find the desired item. Moreover, it should be very comfortable to carry, especially if you use to walk instead of using the cart on the golf course.

Don’t forget about your outfit which needs to be very comfortable

In order to concentrate better on your game, you need to feel comfortable at all times, no matter the weather. Therefore, make sure you choose the right outfit that will provide you comfort on hot and cold days as well. Furthermore, go for waterproof clothing items in case you play on rainy days as well. The shoes must also be comfortable, and non-slippery. Keep in mind that it is very important to know how to choose the right golf equipment for you, in order to play an amazing game.

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How to Choose Your Golf Clubs

Choosing the golf club you will be playing with is not an easy task, especially with all the models available out there. You could get confused by all the materials, combinations, sizes, and brands, and finding the one that best suits your playing style could be hard. This is why we thought it would be helpful to show you some simple ways to choose your golf clubs.

Pick the right size that matches your height

Golf clubs come in a wide range of lengths and you need to keep that in mind when you choose your club. It would be uncomfortable to hit with a long club if you are short the same way it would be hard to bend over to handle a short club if you are a tall person. Therefore, pay attention to the club’s length and try it before buying it. The size of the club will influence the speed, the swing, and the impact of your shot.

Decide between clubheads made of titanium, steel, or both

Clubs with a titanium clubhead are more expensive than the ones with a steel head because they are lighter and offer an increased level of comfort during the game. Both materials are very durable and strong but titanium is lighter so the clubhead can be larger without adding weight to the club, meaning you will enjoy a bigger hit surface that will keep you from missing a shot. If you choose a golf club with a clubhead made of titanium and steel, your game will improve with each hit.

Opt for shafts made of graphite or steel

As in the clubheads, the material of the shafts determines the comfort in use and the accuracy of the golf club. Graphite shafts are lighter so the swing resulted will have more speed which will increase the distance of the ball. This can help even the most amateur player achieve the best shots on long distances. However, graphite is more expensive so you will need to reconsider your budget if you opt for it. If you are a better player accustomed to golf and you want to limit your investment, opt for the steel shafts that don’t offer as much speed but help you achieve an accurate hit.

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The Most Accurate Golf Swing Analyzers

When it comes to golf, it is required a constant effort in order to become a great player. For achieving the best results, you need to make sure you use the right devices that can help you improve the game. Swing analyzers are highly recommended to all those who want to take golf to the next level. Here are the most accurate golf swing analyzers, available in the specific shops at the moment.

Zepp golf 3D

With the Zepp golf 3D golf analyzer, you can replay and review as well all your swings in 360 degrees, from any angle. Furthermore, you will be bale to track key metrics such as swing plane, backswing position, club head speed, tempo, and hand path. The most critical aspects of each and every swing will be measured with accuracy by this device. You will receive a detailed report along with videos, in order to help you improve your weaknesses. You can even watch the best Tour Pro’s swing in HD and 3D video as well. You can easily set goals with this unit and your games, in order to know exactly where to make improvements. Overall, you will certainly love this wonderful golf analyzer.

GolfSense 3D

With this amazing device, you will be able to analyze and improve your golf swing. The unit must be attached to the glove and then swing away in order to get instant feedback and useful tips as well, directly on your iPhone, Android, or iPad device. You can actually see and also analyze in 3D space, what your hands and club are doing. It will do that throughout your follow-through, downswing, and backswing as well. Furthermore, you can evaluate the quality of your each swing by using a single metric. The innovative feature called SwingScore will tell you how close you are to achieving your goal. The provided information is without a doubt extremely accurate, and you will definitely manage to considerably improve your game with the GolfSense 3D swing analyzer.

Golfzon SwingTalk

If you are looking for the most accurate golf swing analyzers, then you should not omit this model, which is without a doubt a fantastic one. The unit supports iOS and Android as well, a thing that many products of this type cannot do. It can accurately track the club and the shaft trajectory, actual movement of the shaft, shaft angle, and more. You can connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth. You need to insert the unit’s pin into the hole, at the end of the grip. If the grip is round, then you need to put a Spacer in between the unit and your club. Improving your swing is certainly not a difficult thing to do with this wonderful device.

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3 Things to Know when Buying a Golf Rangefinder

When it comes to golf gadgets that help players improve their game, the rangefinder is the first one that comes to your mind. This useful device takes away the hassle in detecting a target, measuring the distance to it and choosing the right golf club, three aspects that influence the success of a shot. And for these three aspects to be perfect, you need to know 3 things before buying an affordable and reliable range finder that you can use in any golf game.

The rangefinder can use two types of technologies

There are two types of rangefinders available on the market, one that uses a laser technology and one the uses a GPS signal to detect the target. The GPS rangefinder only works on courses it has a map for so your playing courses are limited. Also, it is more difficult to use even though it can measure a distance without you having to aim it at the target. Although the laser one is more expensive, it is also the most accurate in measuring distances and can be used on any course as it uses a laser beam to detect the target and measure the distance to it. Another difference between the two types is that the laser rangefinder needs to see the target so if you can’t have a clear view, it won’t provide any readings.

The accuracy of the measurements depends on some features

Most important of all, the best golf rangefinder must be accurate so it will offer you a correct measurement that will help you hit the target. The maximum distance range is important in deciding on how accurate a unit is. While some models can measure up to 400 yards away, there are the top models that can go as far as 900 yards. The magnification range is also helpful because it allows the rangefinder to have a more clear view of the target and measure the distance to it with more precision. Another thing that influences the accuracy of the rangefinder is the slope feature that can calculate the distance even if the course has slopes. However, this feature is not approved by the USGA.

The convenience features make a rangefinder really efficient

One important detail is the battery lifespan because you wouldn’t want your rangefinder to last for one hour before shutting down. Also, you need to see how lightweight it is so you will be able to carry it around with you and keep it in a pocket close to you. See how large the display is and how well it shows the readings on any type of weather and light level.

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5 Steps for Fixing Your Swing

Most of what playing golf represents involves the swing that determines how accurate the shot will be and how far the ball will travel. This means that the swing is crucial in achieving a great shot, hence, players’ interest in improving their methods. You might have some troubles with your swing yourself so, let’s not waste time and see which are the 5 steps that will help you improve your swing.

Keep your feet and shoulders in line

Some golf players make the mistake of keeping their legs too close to each other, which affects their balance during the swing. When you place yourself behind the ball you are about to hit, your feet should be spread apart as wide as your shoulders and in a straight line toward the target. To make sure you get this right, place a stick the length of your shoulders on the ground pointing to the target and place your feet at both ends of the club.

Bend your knees, not your back

If you use to bend forward when you hit the ball, chances are you are ruining your swing. Grab the club from the handle and bend at the knees in your attempt to touch the ground with the club. From this position, you can place the ball in your stance by lining up the clubface with the ball. If you need to bend your arms not to touch the ball or you have to reach to touch it, you are either too close or too far from the ball.

Keep your arms straight in our backswing

Half of the swing is the backswing or the movement of your hand to the back. The golf swing should be a perfect circle and for that, you need to keep your left arm straight as you take both arms to your back, or your right arm if you are left-handed. Draw the club back slowly for an even tempo in such way that when you reach the top of your back, the club is parallel to the ground and above your head. Rotate your hips and knees to follow the club’s path.

Bring your club down on the same trajectory

The other half of the swing is the downswing and this is when most players fail because they don’t keep the same path as in the back swing. When you bring your club to the front, don’t bend your arms and make sure your hips and knees follow the club to keep the weight shift intact. If your arm speed gets too high, the ball will go in the wrong direction.

Hit the ball at the right speed

The last step involves the actual contact with the ball. Your head should be down and your eyes on the ball during the entire swing so you will see exactly how the club will hit the ball. Decide whether you will hit the ball with the center of the clubface for a harder impact or with the heel of the toe of the clubface for a smoother contact.

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Top 3 Best Golf Players of All Times

Over the years, this amazing sport called golf has offered us lots of wonderful moments with amazing shots. If you are a golf enthusiast, then you must have a look at the following top 3 best golf players of all time, to see who has inspired golfers all over the world.

1. Jack Niklaus

In his entire career, Jack Niklaus won a total of 73 victories, including a staggering 18 major championships. This amazing golfer has completed career grand slam 4 times, which is without a doubt an incredible result. Furthermore, has won the Masters 6 times, and the Open Championship 3 times. Jack Niklaus is definitely a golf player that has inspired plenty of other players, over the years. His dedication to this wonderful sport made him have an incredibly beautiful career and be a winner.

2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is without a doubt one of the greatest golf players that this wonderful sport ever had. He has an impressive career, which has been built with lots of work and perseverance. He has become a professional golf player in August 1996. He won his first Major in April 1997, when he was actually declared the youngest-ever winner. That’s when his amazing career actually started. Then, in 1999, he finished the season with 8 wins, including the PGA Championship. He also won the Masters Tournament in 2001,2002,and 2005 as well, the U.S. Open in 2000,2002,2008, The Open Championship in 2000,2002,2006, and the PGA Championship in 2000, 2006,and 2007. He has been declared player of the year for 11 times. Tiger Woods is definitely one of the greatest golf players of all times.

3. Ben Hogan

We continue our top 3 best golf players of all times with the amazing Ben Hogan. He was the best striker of a golf ball, in history. He has in his portfolio 64 PGA Tour wins. Moreover, he also won the Masters Tournament 2 times, in 1951, and 1953, the U.S. Open 4 times, in 1948,1950,1951,and 1953, The Open Championship in 1953, and the PGA Championship twice in 1946, and 1948. He has been declared player of the year four times. Overall, Ben Hogan is without a doubt a player that will remain in the golf history and that will continue to inspire players all over the world.

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Understanding Golf Clubs

Although they look alike in shape, golf clubs are very different in terms of construction. Each club is designed to offer a certain bounce, spin, speed, or forgiveness and is suitable for a certain distance from the tee. There are 5 large categories of golf clubs and learning what each model can do can be confusing if you are not a professional golfer but our article can help you get a better understanding of golf clubs.

There are different types of golf clubs

  • Woods are golf clubs with a hollow body and a large head and are designed for long shots as much as 450 yards away from the tee. The 1 wood is also known as the driver and has the lowest loft of all clubs, which is the clubface angle that controls the speed and distance and can vary between 7 and 12 degrees. The 3 and 5 wood are known as fairway woods because they are often used for the second shot in the fairway of the hole.
  • Irons are used when the ball is less than 200 yards away from the green and they come in sets of 7 that include irons numbered from 3 to 9. The closer you get to the green, the higher the number of the iron you will need. Since the 3 and 4 irons are more difficult to hit for amateur, seniors, and ladies, they can replace these clubs with woods with a higher loft, like the 7 and 9 woods.
  • Hybrids have the head of a fairway wood and the length shaft of an iron and they have known such an increased popularity that golfers have started replacing their 3 and 4 irons or their 5 and 7 fairway woods with hybrids. Compared to the irons, the hybrid offers a higher distance that sends the ball closer to the tee.
  • Wedges are very similar to irons and they are numbered by the loft angle with increments of 4 degrees, therefore, you can find 48, 52, 56, 60, and 64-degree lofts. There is also the pitching wedge or the PW that has the lowest loft, followed by the approach wedge, the sand wedge, the lob wedge, and the high lob wedge.
  • Putters have been designed for sending the ball to the hole so they are used for the final shot that is the closest to the hole. There are many types of putters like short, bent, heel-toe, mallet, and more. Putters have a particular deign with a flat head, a low-loft head, a bent shaft, and a non-circular grip. When handling the putter, you need to hit slow and short to send the ball directly to the hole.

You can carry up to 14 clubs in your golf bag

The rules of golf say that each player can have 14 clubs in their bag and choosing them is their personal choice. Although there are so many clubs available, you can play excellent golf with three woods, 1 hybrid, seven irons, and a putter. You can add a wedge or another hybrid to these twelve clubs and it should be enough for you to play.

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Reasons for Your Entire Family to Play Golf

When you think of a nice and elegant sport, you can’t help to think of golf because it is commonly known as the sports for gentlemen. But golf isn’t designed solely for men as it can be played by women and children as well and it doesn’t have an age limit. Golf is truly a family sport and your family should play golf for all the right reasons.

Golf is safer than many other sports

Compared to other sports that are exhausting and dangerous, golf is among the safest and most protective. The golf equipment is lightweight, the movements are limited to swinging and bending, and the risks of getting hurt while hitting a ball are minimum. This makes golf an excellent sports choice for children, men, and women of all ages.

Children can learn manners from golf

Given that golf is such an elegant sport where players need to behave, it is the perfect choice for growing children who need to learn manners. If in other sports, children can use bad language, shout, or throw the equipment, this type of behavior is not adequate on the golf course. Children will learn how to be silent, contain their anger, and respect other player’s turn.

Women look stylish in golf apparel

Let’s face it, women are mostly interested in fashion and golf is the perfect combination between a sport that maintains a nice figure and the most elegant apparel. If you take a close look at female golf players, you will see how well-dressed they are and how elegant they look while handling the golf club. Golf sets an etiquette that allows women to display the most stylish outfits.

Men can bond friendships on the course

The golf course is the perfect place for men to make new friends and to seal business deals with partners they play a game with. It’s common to see business partners on the golf course and a game is a perfect opportunity for men to show their patience, addiction, and concentration, qualities that will help them make plenty of friends.

Seniors can protect their health by playing golf

Old people can’t risk their health by playing intense and violent sports that could hurt them and damage their body, which is why golf is the perfect choice for the elderly. Given that golf requires minimum physical effort and that it doesn’t involve running, jumping, or lifting something heavy, it can be played by people of all ages without endangering their health condition.

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