Best Sand Play Tips

Best Sand Play Tips

Golf is a wonderful sport that relaxes you and also challenges you from many points of view. Playing golf in the sand is even harder and more challenging. However, with the right advice, you will definitely manage to obtain wonderful results, even when playing on such surfaces. Here are the best sand play tips that you must take into account.

The golfer must position his lower body correctly

If you want to play a good game even in the sand, then you need to make sure you position your lower body correctly. This detail is essential for success. You must not open your stance and clubface too wide. What you actually need to do is to take aim to the left of the exact target line. Then, open the clubface around 3 degrees or so. Keep your feet in the sand for a good balance, in order to obtain a great result. Flex your knees while you actually place your stance shoulder width apart, simultaneously. This will be a lot easier to do after you exercise a few times.

The right attitude plays a very important role

You will not manage to achieve your goal if you do not have the right attitude on the golf course. Try to remain calm and relaxed at all times. Furthermore, you should also have a good balance, so that all your shots can be amazing. There are many players who actually position their stance a bit too wide. This usually happens because they psych themselves out in sand. If you try to forcefully drill the ball, this will actually lead to a fat shot in the bunker. This is a situation that must definitely be avoided, and you can do this by focusing very well on getting the ball back on the golf course.

The half backswing must be utilized

This is without a doubt one of the best sand play tips that you must take into account if you really want to play golf like a professional. Therefore, next time you are playing in the sand, make sure you utilize the half back swing. You must place both your hands evenly and then take a half back swing. In this whole process, you must make sure you rotate your shoulders. Playing golf in the sand can be fun as well if you really know what steps to follow in order to avoid any sort of difficulties.

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