5 Steps for Fixing Your Swing

5 Steps for Fixing Your Swing

Most of what playing golf represents involves the swing that determines how accurate the shot will be and how far the ball will travel. This means that the swing is crucial in achieving a great shot, hence, players’ interest in improving their methods. You might have some troubles with your swing yourself so, let’s not waste time and see which are the 5 steps that will help you improve your swing.

Keep your feet and shoulders in line

Some golf players make the mistake of keeping their legs too close to each other, which affects their balance during the swing. When you place yourself behind the ball you are about to hit, your feet should be spread apart as wide as your shoulders and in a straight line toward the target. To make sure you get this right, place a stick the length of your shoulders on the ground pointing to the target and place your feet at both ends of the club.

Bend your knees, not your back

If you use to bend forward when you hit the ball, chances are you are ruining your swing. Grab the club from the handle and bend at the knees in your attempt to touch the ground with the club. From this position, you can place the ball in your stance by lining up the clubface with the ball. If you need to bend your arms not to touch the ball or you have to reach to touch it, you are either too close or too far from the ball.

Keep your arms straight in our backswing

Half of the swing is the backswing or the movement of your hand to the back. The golf swing should be a perfect circle and for that, you need to keep your left arm straight as you take both arms to your back, or your right arm if you are left-handed. Draw the club back slowly for an even tempo in such way that when you reach the top of your back, the club is parallel to the ground and above your head. Rotate your hips and knees to follow the club’s path.

Bring your club down on the same trajectory

The other half of the swing is the downswing and this is when most players fail because they don’t keep the same path as in the back swing. When you bring your club to the front, don’t bend your arms and make sure your hips and knees follow the club to keep the weight shift intact. If your arm speed gets too high, the ball will go in the wrong direction.

Hit the ball at the right speed

The last step involves the actual contact with the ball. Your head should be down and your eyes on the ball during the entire swing so you will see exactly how the club will hit the ball. Decide whether you will hit the ball with the center of the clubface for a harder impact or with the heel of the toe of the clubface for a smoother contact.

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